State Committee of Science of the Republic of Armenia

National Polytechnic University of Armenia /Foundation/

Armenian National Representative Office of CSTO Institute

Youth Foundation of Armenia



Monitoring of administrative region environment & pollutants toxicity evaluation


October 23 – 24, 2017

Yerevan, Republic of Armenia


Organization Committee:

Marukhyan Vostanik– Honory head of Organization committee, rector of NPUA

Torosyan Gagik– Head of Organization committee, NPUA,

Torosyan Never – Vice-Head of Organization committee, CSTO institute

Charkifalakyan Larisa– NPUA

Davtyan Vahan – Ministry of Ecology of RA

Grigoryan Areg– Vice-rector of NPUA

Minasyan Sergey –president of AEA

Khazaryan Meri – NPUA

Kocharyan Hasmik– NPUA

Sagatelyan Rouben – President of “NairitPlant CJSC”

Shakhbazova Aida – CSTO institute

Tatevosyan Artashes– NPUA, dean of ChT and EE faculty



Kocharyan Hasmik/executive secretary/

Galoyan Ashot

Gevorgyan Hasmik

Petrosyan Marine


      Scientific program will focus on current advances in the research of the ecological state of Administrative regions.

        Researchers and expert scientists from research institutes and industry will present their recent findings and visions within the following subject areas:

  • Ecology and Control of Environmental State
  • Evaluation of the toxicity of pollutants
  • Ecological Safety
  • Ecological Risks
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Estimate of Environmental State after Emergencies
  • Water Monitoring in Emergency Situations
  • Technical  Means  and Technologies of  Monitoring
  • The Control of Water Resources, Based on Monitoring Data



The languages of the conference are Armenian, Russian, English.

        All submitted materials will be presented for discussion by the steering committee, which reserves the right to select articles.


Abstract submission guidelines:

        Deadline for submission of abstracts: May 30, 2017, NPUA,  housing 1, Kocharyan Hasmik, e-mail address: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. >

       Abstracts must be submitted in English. You will need to enter the following data:
       Name, institution, city, country and e-mail address of all authors
       Identification of presenter (the e-mail address of the presenter will be the contact address for all future communication).

       Preference for oral or poster presentation (Please note: A maximum of three abstracts per presenter can be submitted, of which only one can be requested to be an oral presentation).
        Title of abstract (max. 150 characters incl. spaces).

" - Text (max. 2000 characters incl. spaces, no graphics or tables. Special characters can be obtained from the abstract body field). Please check the spelling carefully. Once the abstract has been submitted, editing is no longer possible and the abstract will be reproduced from your online submission. Text that is copy & pasted from Microsoft Word will loose its initial formatting.  Please format your abstract body with the available menu items of the editor.

        Abstracts  may be selected for oral or for poster presentation and notification on acceptance will be e-mailed by May 30, 2017. All accepted abstracts will be published on the abstract book.

       The papers are accepted until July 01, 2017 in electronic form. Application and articles received after that date will not be accepted.


Rules for presenting articles


The articles can be presented in Armenian, Russian and English. The  fonts are for Armenian – Sylfaen(font size 10), Russian and English – Times New Roman (font size 11); spacing – 1; page format – A4, working field - 166x252 mm; the margins: left – 25 mm, top 20 mm, right – 2 mm, bottom 25 mm.

In the above line of the first page on the left angel UDC must be written, according to the standard (minimum 6 digits), on the right angle – the section of the collection with capital letters (the whole line in bold typeface size 11).

With a line below in the middle of the page – Name, Patronymic, Surname of the author(s) with small letters in bold typeface (size 11).

Two lines below, in the centre of the page with capital letters – the title of the article (bold typeface, size 12) and two lines below – the abstract in the language of the article with keywords (size 10, Italic).

Two lines below the main text of the article is given. The new line is given with indentation – 10 mm..

The formulas and mathematical expressions have the form of Microsoft Equation, Italic, size 11.

The formulas are submitted on a separate line, and, if necessary, they must be numbered on the right angle of the same line, in brackets. The fractions are recommended in the form  or  and the symbol exp must be used.

The references in the text are written after the article and submitted sequentially [1],[2]...

Afterwards the abstracts in two languages not coinciding with the language of the text.

One line below are written: Surname, Name, Patronymic of the author(s), scientific degree, title,, the name of the organization in short, the working place of the author, the phone number.

The article should be reviewed by a well known specialist or scientific worker in the given field and submitted for examining to the editorial board of the collection. The total volume of the article must not exceed 8 pages.

The article must be typed by format A4, in two copies, as well as on a disk in format 3,5 and submitted to the executive secretary of the collection. To facilitate the process of final editing, it is recommended to type one copy with typeface 12 and in-between spacing 1,5.


Additional information